Best Handmade Glass Series Lamps in 2022! Excellent glass quality and fine details have brought them many awards. Its unique texture, one glance at the bowl will grab your attention, and it’s pretty unreal.

Pyrite series lamps

The Pyrite range excels in superior design and top-of-the-line materials. The collection is inspired by pyrite, a golden flint in the shape of a perfect cube, while the shade of the silver version reflects its inspiration in salt crystals.

By blowing molten organic matter into precise cold shapes, the skilled hands of our glassmakers create a unique, element-perfect light fixture.

The sparkling surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is surrounded on three sides by polished metal components in silver or gold.

Dark & ​​Bright Star series lamps

Dark & ​​Bright Star is impressive. Like the distant stars, the design and craftsmanship of the seemingly small luminous object impresses. These individual fixtures can be recombined as needed to create unique light groups.

The light source is placed within a mouth-blown component, emitting light from the center of a precision-cut crystal star.

The collection is characterised by a combination of seemingly incompatible contrasts – it combines the irregularities of traditional handcrafting with crystalline sheen and smooth matte cuts.

soap mini series lamps

Varied colours, transparencies and ever-changing shapes—characteristics of soap bubbles—inspired the sopa collection. When lit, the metallic luster of its surface transforms into iridescence and translucency, revealing its crystalline properties.

The entire collection is made using hand-blown techniques without form. Seemingly perfect droplets of molten glass have a unique shape and a unique color spectrum.

The Soap Mini series offers limitless scope for your creativity, and you can choose to create any number of crystal droplets – from smaller compositions to expansive light constellations.

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lens series lamps

The Lens collection is outstanding both in its design and choice of materials and its potential to create unique lighting constellations. The hypnotic design of the lighting, together with the refined details of its canopy, ensure that the collection forms a striking and extremely elegant interior element.

Light refracted through a lens is a fundamental principle of optics. Here, the two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their internal light sources, playing a monumental symphony of light pitch by pitch.

Thanks to the special hand-painting technique, the predefined colors of the lens series can be additionally expanded to suit the color variation of your choice.

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