The background wall of the bedroom is one of the places that people are relatively easy to ignore in the decoration. I always feel that the space is not big and it is a place to sleep, so generally few people design it carefully. Basically, it is simply painted or wallpapered, but in fact The space is not big, and sometimes it is good to use color, and it can also put on a beautiful effect. If the space is large, it should be well designed to make the bedroom both beautiful and practical.

Material splicing

The background wall can also be spliced with different materials to create a well-proportioned visual effect. The light strip is hidden in it, adding a romantic style to the space.

Soft package background wall

Compared with other background walls, the soft-covered background wall of the bedroom is made of soft materials and soft colors, which can soften the overall space atmosphere. The soft and comfortable soft-covered bedside provides the best place for reading before sleep, full of comfort It makes people love it. The three-dimensional effect of the soft-packed background wall in the bedroom can also improve the level of the space. In addition to beautifying the space, more importantly, it also has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation, and anti-collision.

Premium black tone

The high-grade black tape has a graphite-like heaviness. The bedroom bedside background uses high-grade black tones and the neutral tones of the bedroom soft furnishings to present a quiet and calm space.

Wall cabinet background wall

The design method of the wall cabinet is mainly to make the background wall and the bedside table better integrated, so as to increase the storage space of the bedroom. Whether it is neatly arranged books or other decorative items, it is the decoration of the bedside background wall.

Photo background wall

When decorating, you can choose a few good-looking pictures according to your hobbies, and then sort them. This way is more beautiful than those single photos, which is relatively simple.