Fink Candlestick

Besides their luxury tableware and decorative ware, the German brand Fink also offers a range of silver-plated home accessories. These products include the Fink candlestick

Choosing a Flower Hanging Light

A flower hanging light is an excellent way to bring a floral design to your home. There are several types of floral pendant lights available,

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The 4 best design lamps in 2022

Today, I will share with you the 4 best design lamps in 2022. Since the invention of the electric light, the thing that brings light

Best Bedroom Wall Designs

The background wall of the bedroom is one of the places that people are relatively easy to ignore in the decoration. I always feel that

Appropriate installation height for wall lights

Home wall lamps are generally installed in entrances, corridors, in front of mirrors, bedsides, etc., while wall lamps in public places are generally installed in

Living room lamp selection coup

The living room is a place to rest and meet guests. Visitors will definitely see the overall layout of the living room at first glance.