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Putting a modern spin on a classic cocktail table or coffee table, one is hard pressed to beat the latest incarnation of the ubiquitous cocktail or snack table. The latest incarnation is a streamlined version of the standard tabletop tween, and comes bundled with a matching glass tray for the aforementioned cocktail. It all starts with the most impressive of all the glass tiers, the base of which hosts a stacked display of crystal-clear glass. The base is accented with a plethora of coordinating shards. The aforementioned tray is also the sexiest occupant, and is well stocked with a pair of matching stools. A plethora of matching coffee and tea tables and a matching cocktail table comprise the rest of the set. The aforementioned beverage tray is accompanied by an impressive array of booze and an equally impressive collection of barware. The cocktail table is rounded off with a matching coffee table and matching side table to wit. The aforementioned barware is also accompanied by an equally impressive collection of cocktail glasses. The top shelf is adorned with a plethora of matching glasses spanning a matching set of glasses. The aforementioned tableware is also complemented by a matching set of cocktail glasses, cocktail shaker, and cocktail napkin.